Ways for waste collecting

Pre-collection – is the activity that take place prior to collection. It is held before the removal of the waste collection service. Pre-collection gather all the operations necessary to remove household waste from homes to the removal of the waste collection services.

Collection – collection, composting and / or combine (temporary storage) of waste, to transport them.

Waste collection – is a series of operations, which consist in raising and sending their waste to a transfer station, a composting facility, a treatment center or a warehouse.

Selective collection – is a process for managing municipal waste materials through which the home cottage (domestic) which have a potential for recycling (paper, cardboard, glass, plastic and metal) are recovered and managed to filierele recycling.

This process requires a „source” composting , a collection of secondary materials and their treatment in a recovery center.

Collection „from door to door” (UU) – is a way of organizing sample collection in which the number of people who produce waste is easily identifiable and container storage of wastes is situated next to the producer of residence or place where they are produced waste.

Collection through voluntary contribution (AP) – is a way of collecting waste in the container storage of wastes not belong to a group of manufacturers. One or more containers are placed so that you have free access to all persons who voluntarily submitted the waste sorted in advance. Containers are made available to residents, on public road or in voluntary collection centers or parking large. The most popular are the containers for collecting glass, paper and for the collection surfaces / crib for Plastic collection.


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