Welcome to Waste Composting Romania!

Hello everyone who is interested in the composting process.

This site is aimed at researchers, consultants, farmers, students and those interested to open their own business using others waste.

The goal is to provide information about ways and biodegradable waste treatment, to share ideas and experiences.

Waiting your comments and opinions about the notices posted.


Site Map:


_____________Waste Definition

_____________Municipal mixed waste definition

_____________Waste of trade similar to those housekeepers definition

_____________Parks and gardens waste definition

_____________Biowaste definition

_____________Chemical emissions

_____________Composting process definition

_____________Hazardous waste definition

_____________Recyclable waste definition

_____________Types of waste collection

_____________Composting plant definition

_____________Emission definition

_____________End of Life

_____________Environmental impact

_____________Amount limit of emission definition

_____________Refuse from waste

_____________Reutilisation definition

_____________Recycling definition


_____________Waste recovery

Methods for biowasteTreatment

_____________Anaerobic fermentation

_____________Separate fermentation, dry method

Free Downloads – for all downloads click here

_____________Composting 101 – how to compost without much effort

_____________Compost Calculation

_____________Compost Lab

_____________Mercury in medical waste

_____________Flex PDE

_____________AP Reader 1.2

_____________EcoDesign Pilot

_____________Eco-Conscious Design of EEE

_____________Eco Indicator 99

_____________Ecoinvent Database



_____________Bio-waste treatement – source: You Tube.


_____________Worker’s health from composting units

_____________Increased accidents risk


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